Thompson Law STL - Personal Injury Lawyers - St. Louis, Missouri

Thompson Law STL – Personal Injury Lawyers – St. Louis, Missouri

The founding partner is Tyler C. Thompson – Attorney at Law.

With excellent knowledge and experience, Mr. Thompson is qualified as a premier personal injury lawyer in St. Louis, MO.  Mr. Thompson will carefully analyze your case and communicate with the insurance companies.  In addition, Mr. Thompson will customize his service to reach the appropriate settlement to help protect and provide for his clients’ families and loved ones.

Personal Injury Law – St. Louis

Missouri’s personal injury law allows accident victims to pursue financial recovery if they are injured, lost their property, or suffer other damages.  In addition, a victim could be eligible for a monetary award for non-economic and economic damages if the victim’s lawyer can prove that negligence caused the accident.  An attorney can help facilitate the process by handling negotiations with insurance companies and complying with the strict requirements for personal injury lawsuits.

Negligence can come in many forms.  It depends on what a reasonable person would do in the same situation.  Negligence is any action or inaction that is not consistent with the standard of care given the circumstances.  Every driver on the road must take reasonable precautions to prevent others from being hurt.  Drivers who text behind the wheel or collide with other vehicles may be found guilty of breaching a duty to care.

Personal injury law allows accident victims to hold negligent, reckless, or careless persons responsible for their actions.  A Missouri personal injury case will require a claimant to show that the defendant owed a duty of care to them, that the defendant violated this duty, and that the defendant caused the accident.  The claimant must also prove that the damages suffered as a result.  Tyler C. Thompson is a personal injury lawyer that can help you with this burden of proof.  He will conduct a thorough investigation, collect evidence and present a claim so that the plaintiff has the best chance of success.

Why should you hire Thompson Law STL to represent you in your personal injury case?

  • No Recover – ZERO Fee – It is simple.  You don’t have to pay us if we do not recover damages for you.
  • Mr. Thompson will deal with the insurance company – Tyler has a unique experience representing an insurance company.  Therefore, he knows how to communicate with insurance companies.
  • Significant Experience on both sides – This unique experience offers substantial benefits to his customers.
  • Dedicated to Clients and Family – Mr. Thompson is dedicated to helping his clients, and his experience will benefit his clients during the representation process.
  • Communications are easy for Mr. Thompson due to his friendly and caring personality.  He will dedicate the time to investigate the case and thoroughly explain the options to his clients.

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